MBA Coterie

The MBA has a strong emphasis on the development of new business models to service the over 50s market.

The underlying philosophy is the supply of goods and services free of government subsidy.

The challenges are meeting market demand, dealing with generational change, creating models substantially or completely free of governmental subsidy and building sustainable and profitable service models that have strong market appeal.

Five of the research projects are:

A) The pell-mell rush into home care is not going to save nursing/care homes.

The servicing of people in their homes needs a broader base than a medical focus.

This MBA study is writing the business model that will form the basis of a new worldwide highly profitable brand.

B) The second project is the re-crafting of the nursing/care home business model to build bigger margins and profitability.

New modelling shows that despite the payment of a living wage and higher care costs driven by the regulators, dramatically improved margins are achievable via a raft of measures including;

  1. The use of technology to create the ability to lower overnight staff costs and achieve a lift in supervisory standards.
  2. The outsourcing of diversional activities / transportation.
  3. Contracting all nursing care to community nursing pods (already on trial in two countries)

C) The third study reports on all the entry points into the medical tourism markets for skilled nursing home operators.

They are identified and analysed…

D) A study is looking at ways to enhance the service culture; refocus and repurpose staff; develop a methodology to retain quality employees; obviate staff churn and develop better people cultures.

E) Recrafting the volunteerism culture to underpin the recreation of a community esprit de corps, supplement paid staffing-specialists and redefining place making.

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