Dementia care methodology will be criminal offence within decade

MELBOURNE: Dementia care still involves chemical coshing; the use of restraints; locked premises; regimented management and the separation of couples.

This management methodology is increasingly being deemed criminal and will be outlawed within a generation.

It is already illegal to imprison people with dementia in locked wards in Denmark.

And while we potter at the management edges with inconsequential innovations, progressives have moved to open environments, unlocked premises where residents cook, eat meals together, drink wine and go on vacation to overseas destinations.

But instead of embracing the highest available world standard, we are focused on circus environments (mimicking dementia village model marks descent into circus culture) herding the demented into holding pens, and tinkering at the edges (pods, colour, specialist staff training and press release enlightenment).

It is about the providers feeling good but the reality is more akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

The residents are still the victims of transportation.

Any effort that doesn’t embrace the world’s best practice is unacceptable.

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