MBA participants will work with 500 CEOs in seniors housing/care

MELBOURNE: The Seniors Housing/Care Trends MBA participants will get to meet and be lectured by over 500 CEOs around the world in the course of their studies.

The MBA students will also be involved in over 50 site visits and be mentored by the most outstanding thinker, writer and lecturer in the over 50s housing sector.

The MBA philosophy is focused on opening up minds to creative solutions and the construction of new business models for a changing world.

“The sector needs to lift its management talent pool and be better equipped to train and retain enhanced thinking,” said Paul Mancey, the Orchard Care CEO in the UK.

“The care sector needs to address its talent pool,” he added.

“The sector is facing rising costs from labour and regulatory imposts and static revenue. There is a need for a new generation of creative problem solvers and innovative thinking,” he said.

The MBA electives category focuses on the creation of new business models and the shaping of solutions for a constantly changing world.

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