World’s first Seniors Housing/Care Trends MBA launched

LONDON: Five participants have already committed to the world’s first Seniors Housing/Care Trends MBA which commences in early April 2017.

The registrations include two innovative aged care housing developers, an architect, the head of a resort residential business and a CEO in the housing and care sector.

A maximum of 20 will be accepted in the first MBA intake.

The qualification will lift standards of housing innovation and care across the world.

Courses that once progressed methodically through units and ploughed through case studies looking for insights are no longer as attractive to time-starved MBA students as those that offer immersive learning in real organisations.

Whether it is a short-term embedded position with a company or a longer, international residency, real-world projects are challenging the traditional Harvard-style case studies as the preferred style of learning.

“We think the old idea that this month you are studying finance, next month you are doing ‘people’, then you are doing strategy is a false distinction,” says Esmonde Crawley, the student mentor of the Seniors Housing/Care Trends MBA.

Abandoning the traditional classroom model, the Seniors Housing/Care Trends MBA moves around the world via five residentials in the UK, Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australasia, intersecting with lecturers drawn from the most outstanding exemplars of over 50s housing and care and undertaking study on dozens of sites.

“The participants are tackling dilemmas and challenges holistically rather than in an itemised way,” said Mr Crawley.

“The MBA will create the capacity to make building and care decisions in the 21st century for the boomer and junior veteran markets, which want vastly different outcomes to those being currently provided,” added Mr Crawley.

“It will also create a super-group of worldwide networked graduates who will become the leaders in the seniors housing sector for the next 50 years,” said Mr Crawley.

“There is already an army of industry interlopers poaching the over 50s housing market, whilst the traditional suppliers tinker with outmoded concepts,” added Mr Crawley.

“The MBA will open up minds to world markets, infinite possibilities, creative solutions and uplifting living,” he said.

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