Enlivant hires MBAs to evolve business model

CHICAGO: Enlivant, a senior living provider based in Chicago focuses on MBA qualifications. Three years ago, the company—ranked No. 11 on the 2015 Argentum list—embarked on an “aggressive transformation,” a significant restructuring that led to changes in both culture and the replacement of several executives, said Enlivant CEO Jack Callison.

One of those executive changes included the addition of a former Burger King executive to head the company’s human resources division. In that previous role, a big HR challenge was figuring out how to retain line workers across the globe, Callison said; specifically, how to reduce this inevitable turnover and create a sense of culture and career paths—two objectives relevant to the senior living industry today.

“We went to corporate America in general to bring in different perspectives,” Callison said.

Enlivant focuses on three different “buckets” of personnel, Callison said, including current senior housing industry veterans, professionals working in non-industry corporate positions and recently graduated MBAs or grad students to whom the company believes it can teach the senior housing business.

“We’ve had great success in attracting some of those folks,” Callison said. “They will be our next generation of leaders.”

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