MBA created to build leaders in time of seismic change

LONDON: The Seniors Housing/Care Trends MBA has been created to build leaders in a time of seismic change.

The worldwide over 50s housing and healthcare sectors are facing structural realignment triggered by generational change, government astringency, too much investment cash chasing too few quality assets, a rear vision management mentality and traditionalist healthcare pipeline methodology.

An edifice complex has crushed any service culture.

The boomer generation is shutting down traditional suppliers.

The sector is becoming market driven.

Hoteliers, service providers and development interlopers are targetting the ageing demographic.

The age of certainty has finished.

The MBA programme will help create thinkers and world leaders capable of dealing with constant change.

Economic, social and political foment is on the increase. The boomer housing and healthcare markets have a hundred slivers. The homogeneity of a past generation has shut down thinking. New markets require constant thought.

The MBA programme philosophy is to create a worldwide network of men and women capable of shaping housing and services for the most demanding of generations.

A coterie with an innate understanding of emotional drivers, and capable of rapid accurate interpretation of constantly changing data, and the ability to executive original plans.

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